Triadelphia's first fire department dates back to the year 1875, when the first bucket brigade was organized. Some of the old members are still living and often gather around the large stove at the city building and tell of their experiences. Some of the members of the "bucket brigade" were Joe Burrows, Will Wagner, Silas Birch, Fred Weiss, and others. The first truck purchased by the fire fighters was in 1912, with chemical tanks and a V. K. pump. This machine was traded in later on a more up-to-date apparatus. The boys now have a large Hudson equipped with the chemical tanks and a Ford with the pumps and place to carry the hose. With the pump attachment water can be pumped from the creek or any of the wells in the town, where the wells are located in a place where the truck can get to. The boys have had several wells dug at different places in the town for protection. The fire alarm or siren is located on the roof of the city building, and all Volunteers turn out whenever it is blown. It is also used for a "curfew" at 8 o'clock every night. The boys have been called out forty-three times in the year just passed, and eighty percent of the calls have been for the districts outside the town limits. In several instances the damages would have been great if it had not of been for the Volunteers. It has also reduced the fire insurance rates for the property holders of the town. All in all, we have a first-class Volunteer Fire Department and are proud of it. The profit that is made on this publication will be used to buy new hose and equpiment. The officers in charge of the department are: Jepson Nelson, Chief; Fred Weiss, Assistant; William Green, Assistant; Joe Wickham, Secretary; Martin Wagner, Treasurer; George Hill, Robert Marshall, and Robert Leybehyer, drivers.

Tridelphias Ladder Truck